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Hi I’m Sarah. I’m married to Greg, and mother to 4 amazing girls. Tayla is my gorgeous 19 year old step daughter. Hazel is 7, and Willa is 2. My daughter Mackenzie was born in 2017 but she passed away at 13 days old. It was unexpected and sudden, and it took 3 months to get the post mortem report back afterwards. She died of Pulmonary Hypertension associated with Patent Ductus Arteriosus. Essentially, she had high blood pressure in her lungs, which caused her to be pumping deoxygenated blood around her body. They aren’t sure if the high blood pressure caused the hole in her heart not to close post birth (PDA) or if the hole in her heart not closing caused her to develop high blood pressure in her lungs. Separately, neither is usually fatal, but together they were for Mackenzie.

I also have stage 4b Low grade Serous Ovarian Cancer. I had major debulking surgery to remove the visible cancer in November 2021, and started my 6 rounds of chemotherapy on Christmas eve 2021.

Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer is described best by the words on @cureourovariancancer instagram page:
“Grade – refers to appearance under a microscope not severity. Specifically the degree that the cancer cells deviate in appearance from normal cells. Low-grade cells are sneaky. The”low” means they are abnormal enough to be cancerous, but usually not abnormal enough for chemotherapy to work well.
Serous – refers to the type of cells affected. Serous cells secrete a watery liquid (and are found in other parts of our body like the saliva glands).”

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You’ll get a whole lot of rambling, but hopefully not too much!

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