Ovarian Cancer Resources

I’ve found ovarian cancer lonely. Don’t get me wrong – I’m surrounded by amazing friends and family. But I feel that there is so much awareness around breast cancer – I know to check my breasts for lumps regularly. However, I never even considered or really even knew about ovarian cancer. Or the symptoms of ovarian cancer. If I’d had a lump in my breast I don’t believe it would have taken so long to diagnose. Instead, I went to the GP 3 times, for 3 of symptoms of ovarian cancer, and THEN I went to get an ultrasound for my lump, and still waited months to get it biopsied.

Here are some resources I’ve found amazing since finding out I have ovarian cancer.

This amazing charity has great information, and is dedicated to raising funds for research in Ovarian cancer – more research means better survival for patients.

An amazing charity that I didn’t even know about until they funded my physio appointments, and then provided some meals to help ease the load during chemoherapy. They do amazing work to raise awareness for gynaecological cancers.

Look Good Feel Better is a charity that gives cancer patients free classes (online during covid!) and products to use for hair and makeup. Cancer does a real number on self esteem and confidence. Having the opportunity to learn about makeup to use if I want to has been an amazing confidence boost.

Bravery co sell the most gorgeous headscarves that have never failed to make me happy when I put them on.

I didn’t know about this in time, but I feel like it would be an amazing thing to do! It’s a way to let others know tangible ways they can help while you’re going through something big.

Pinc and Steel help people through cancer with physical rehabilitation. I was able to find a specialist cancer physio through the website, and can focus on my physical health even during treatment.

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